I've had the pleasure to work on:

  • Big budget Hollywood narrative feature films 
  • Cable Television shows from half hour to hour long broadcasts
  • Webpage video content for company's such as D Magazine, Ornare and others.


  • Editor Demo Reel

Work for myself making media content, but I also do work in the entertainment business as an Editor. Here is a demo reel of my work in the past year on three different television shows on the Cooking Channel and HGTV.

            I know the ins and outs of productions from Production office paperwork, to being on set as an assistant director, cinematographer, director and on down to post-production work as an editor. There isn't one production line I have not done before. I've experienced all forms of film and video techniques from feature film-making starring Hollywood's finest, to television shows on cable networks as an editor and even small event videos and narrative short films directed by myself.